How to Chop Vegetables Fast?

One of the greatest skills we want to achieve is chopping vegetables, not just correctly but fast too. We got to admit it. It is cool to learn how to chop veggies fast, like a pro. I struggle with chopping vegetables fast. I am getting the hang of it thanks to all the practicing, though. It did really take a lot of practice, but here are three tips that helped me. These tips were really helpful, and they still help me learn to chop like a pro. You can start practicing these too in order to achieve fast vegetable chopping in no time. Of course you could always grab something like the Fullstar Chopper to make this 10x easier and faster.

Choose the Right Tools to Do the Job 

You should use wooden boards and do as well sharpen our knives often. Wooden boards have antiseptic properties that allow them to help in cleaning faster. Bamboo boards are also great, but because it is harder, it may dull knives more quickly.

For the knife to use in chopping, it is best to use an 8 to 10-inch chef’s knife. This is great because it has a slight curve, which allows us to rock the blade back and forth, which makes chopping faster. Because knives are often used, liked professional chefs, we must make sure to sharpen them regularly.

The Right Positioning and Knife Handling 

Always use the dominant hand when gripping the knife being used. Our index finger and thumb should be positioned on the knife’s blade. As much possible, we should try not laying our index finger across the blade’s top part. With gripping the blade, we will have more control when chopping. The other hand, which isn’t holding the knife, should hold the vegetable to make sure it stays steady and still. The position may feel unnatural at first, but it will truly allow us to chop faster.

Practice Different Chopping Techniques

It essential that we learn different techniques that will be used to chop different types of foods. The cross chop, tap chop, and rock chop are 3 must learn chopping techniques.

The cross chop is the safe and great chopping technique for chopping foods that needs to cook down. For this, we must keep our low hand open and keep laying our palm where it meets the fingers placed on top of the blade. Keep fingers going open and out as the other hand rocks the blade to chop the vegetable. The tap chop is great for chopping vegetables into slices. To do this, extend fingers, placing it towards the end of the veggie where now we can start slicing. Rocking the blade isn’t necessary for the tap chop. Finally, rock chop is for mincing and fine chopping. For the rock chop, using the chef’s knife is great because its blades are slightly curved.

To Conclude 

Learning the right chopping technique and knowing how to handle and which are the right tools to use is essential when learning how to chop vegetables fast. For those who are still struggling, here are tips you can use and can help you achieve fast chopping like a pro. With more practice, each day, you will become more confident and capable of chopping vegetables quick.