Hamilton Beach 72860 Vegetable Chopper Review

Hamilton Beach 72860 Vegetable Chopper Review

There isn’t much that tastes better than a freshly prepared meal using the best ingredients you can find, and made from scratch in your own kitchen. Not only are the flavors almost always better, but you feel better that you’re eating something whole and healthy as well.

However, as much as we’d like to enjoy meals like this all the time, the reality couldn’t be further away as we need to spend hours chopping, mincing, and dicing up the fresh fruit and vegetables to make it happen. With so many other commitments including friends, family, and work, we just don’t have the time to spare.

Hamilton Beach 72860

For this reason, the Hamilton Beach Chopper was invented, as a handy tool that allows the average American the resources to prepare healthy and nutritious meals every day while taking out the hard work involved. With this chopper, you’re able to create everything from salads to desserts with just the one device, and it couldn’t be easier to do.

About The Product

If you take a look around most kitchens in America, you’re likely to find at least one device from Hamilton Beach within. This innovative company is still relatively new in terms of others in the food appliance market, but it’s one that has quickly won the hearts of thousands of homes around this country due to their convenient and affordable products.

The Hamilton Beach Glass Food Chopper offers an easy way to prepare your meals, by simply throwing the ingredients into the glass bowl and pushing down the lid to chop them up. This device lets you make soups, baby food, desserts, and just prepare fruits and vegetables for cooking and baking.

This innovative chopper comes with such features as:

  • Sturdy glass bowl to resist scratches, stains, and odors;
  • Stainless steel blades for durability and sharpness;
  • Dishwasher safe parts mean minimal cleaning;
  • A simple stack and press motion to chop your foods;
Hamilton Beach 72860

When you put your trust in the Hamilton Beach name and invest in their Glass Food Chopper, you’ll be saving yourself hours every week in meal preparation time. If you’ve tried other food processors or choppers and found they still required too much of your energy to work, you’ll be thrilled with the Hamilton Beach Food Chopper.

What To Expect From The Hamilton Beach Food Chopper

When compared to other food choppers and processors, the best thing about this one from Hamilton Beach is how easy it is to use. Not only is the operation of chopping simple, but the parts all go in the dishwasher when you’re done and the cord wraps up neatly for storage so there are no bulky bits left sitting around.

Although the glass container is sizeable, you need to be very careful not to overload it.

Some online reviews have found that this can be easy to do and result in a huge mess or vegetables that just don’t chop, so there’s definitely a fine line here that can’t be crossed.

Another great feature of this chopper is the glass bowl, and it’s a simple one that makes it a standout. Glass makes the food taste better, won’t leave you with stains and cuts over the bowl, and is simple to clean as well.

Where everything these days is made from plastic, it’s a nice variation and one that’s better for you and your family too.

Buying Your Hamilton Beach Food Chopper

If you’re sold on the Hamilton Beach Food Chopper and want to add it to your must have appliance list, you’ll be happy to know it’s at a huge discount when you buy from Amazon. Currently, you Hamilton Beach Glass Bowl Food Chopper costs just over $25 on Amazon, and you’ll even receive free shipping with your purchase too.

Hamilton Beach offers a one-year limited warranty on almost all of their products, which isn’t as good as some other brands, but they are known for making quality items that usually long outlive this period.

For such a cheap price, though, if you get enough use out of your Hamilton Beach Food Chopper it will pay for itself in just days thanks to the money you’ll save on takeout.

These make great gift ideas for loved ones, so you might want to purchase an extra one while it’s at such an affordable price. Otherwise, you could have two for yourself if you’re wanting to cook larger portions or need to prepare a dessert and a main at the same time.

Final Verdict

For any home that’s been searching for a quality and compact food chopper, you can’t go wrong with the Hamilton Beach Glass Bowl Food Chopper. This simple to use product can help you create everything from soups to salads, bringing versatility to mealtime that you never had before.

When you’re ready to take the hard work out of meal preparation, you can put your trust in the Hamilton Beach Glass Good Bowl Chopper. This quality product can tackle all kinds of tough fruits and vegetables, so get one for your kitchen today.

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