Black And Decker HC306C Vegetable Chopper Review

Black And Decker HC306C Vegetable Chopper Review

There’s a lot to be said about preparing your own healthy meals at home, with benefits ranging from saving money that you’d usually spend on takeaway and a slimmer waistline for you and your family. However, the reality of finding time to cook and prepare healthy meals isn’t that simple, and so we often choose the time-saving option of ordering out.

The best way to make a change, though, is to start small, and with the addition of just one kitchen product, you can make it easier than ever to make your own healthy meals from scratch at home.

Safety Lock.

When you no longer have to spend countless hours chopping and dicing fruits and vegetables, you’ll find yourself more motivated than ever to eat healthily and assist your family to do the same.

The Black and Decker One Touch Chopper is the first step you can take towards a healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones, and this compact but powerful device could be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

When you’re able to make your own sauces, dips, and more at home, you’ll find it easier than ever to avoid the unhealthy snacks and bad choices that have led to your poor diet choices.

About The Product

When you think of some of the most popular brands for home appliances, there’s no doubt that Black and Decker springs to mind. For years, this company has been creating products that make life easier for the average American, and their One Touch Chopper is exactly the kind of innovation creation they’re famous for.

This compact sized chopper takes the hard work out of meal preparation, by offering a nifty little device that can chop your fruits and vegetable with just the push of a button. By utilizing this machine in your kitchen, you’re saving yourself hours and are able to make everything from salsas to dips and sauces with the Black and Decker One Touch Chopper.

If you’ve been searching for a simple food processor but don’t have a fortune to spend or ample bench space to work with, this is the device for you.

Although it might be small, the Black and Decker One Touch Chopper can offer:

  • Bi-level stainless steel blade for sharpness and durability;
  • Dishwasher safe parts to take the hassle out of cleaning;
  • 1.5 cup capacity with the option to upgrade to 3 cups;
  • Safety lock lid to keep you and your kids protected;
  • One touch pulse control for ease of use;
Electric Food Chopper, White

For anyone who has been searching for an easier way to prepare healthy meals but didn’t want a bulky food processor lying around in their kitchen, the Black and Decker One Touch Chopper will be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

This compact device measures just 5.5” x 6.7” so it won’t take up any room at all, but will still give you enough power to save time and energy spent in the kitchen preparing your food.

The Good And The Bad Of The One Touch Chopper

With a 1.5 cups of capacity, there’s more than enough room here to suit a small family if you’re looking for something to help make meals. The blade is multi level so it can get right around the container, and won’t leave you with unchopped bits of food that you have to scrape down like you’ll find with other food processors and slicers.

When compared to other food processors, this is quite a small design, so be warned before you buy it that you’re only able to chop small portions of food at a time.

Multilevel blade.

However, if you’re looking for something to help you make salads or dinners, want to test out making your own dips and salsas at home, or need a device to help you whip up healthy dessert options, this is the choice for you.

The Black and Decker One Touch Chopper comes with a pulse button, and you will need to hold this down to continue the chopping process. If you’re looking for an automatic function you might want to upgrade to something larger, but if you’re used to using a food slicer you’ll find this is far easier and less effort than you’ve ever had to do.

Buying A Black And Decker One Touch Chopper

When you want to make life easier and know that food preparation is the key to doing it, you can head straight to Amazon for the best deal on this appliance.

Currently, Amazon has it listed for under $10 when you order through the site which is a discount of over 50% from its regular price. This is far cheaper than buying in the store, and you don’t have to line up or fight the crowds to get it, which is an added bonus.

When you spend over $25, Amazon will also offer free shipping, so this is one of those items where it’s best to take advantage of the huge discount and buy a few. Whether you want to keep them as backups at home, have a couple working at once for dinners and desserts, or give them to a loved one as a gift, you’ll surely find some use for the extra devices.

BLACK+DECKER 1.5-Cup Electric Food Chopper

Black and Decker are known for making quality products, and their warranties are evidence of this. The One Touch Chopper comes with a two-year limited warranty on this device, and you’re able to purchase an Amazon Protection Plan for just under $30 which gives you an additional three years of coverage.

For the low price combined, you’ll be hard pressed finding anything of this quality that can match it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to minimize the amount of time spent in the kitchen but want to maximize your healthy eating habits, you can’t go wrong with the Black and Decker One Touch mini food processor. This compact and powerful device will be your go-to in the kitchen, and after just one try you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Black and Decker have done an amazing job creating something so efficient for such an affordable price, so if you want to add the One Touch Chopper to your kitchen utensils then click here to purchase. With such a practical little device at your disposal, you’ll be able to transform your eating habits for the better with ease.

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