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Tarek and Mourad mediterranean foods

Tarek and Mourad Cherif
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About me: Our Mediterranean products can be found in 20 Bay Area Farmers' Markets. Our food is created from organic ingredients, never any preservatives.



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Hummas with marinated artichoke hearts




Jun 16, 2010 4:51:47 AM

    We start with only the finest tasting olives from California. Both our Kalamata and spicy green olives both begin with a marinate of lemon juice, minced garlic, and parsley. The Kalamata olives are left steeped for two weeks, whereas our spicy green olives are seasoned with Serrano peppers for four days leaving them with a crunchy and deliciously spicy taste.


Jun 16, 2010 4:48:33 AM

    Our bread is made from only three simple ingredients: unbleached flour, water, and salt, then combined with natural yeast strains and baked in the traditional fashion.
    We use California sources for our ingredients in a technique that creates its unique thickness and light texture. The outcome is flat bread in distinctive between Indian naan, Greek gyro, and Middle Eastern pita breads

    Our chips are made with only the most pure and light olive oil and seasoned with a wide medley of herbs. Lemongrass creates a zesty tang in our lemon chips while roasted garlic adds a strong, bold flavor to our garlic chips.

Mediterranean Salad

Jun 16, 2010 4:40:57 AM

    Our salads use only the freshest ingredients. We offer the traditional tabouli salad, bursting with cut parsley and diced tomatoes, artichoke hearts mixed with lush red bell peppers, Kalamata and green olives, and white onion in a succulent house dressing, couscous with zucchini, olives, and zesty spices, and even baked tofu with black beans, white onions, parsley, in a rich lemon and olive oil dressing. Our salads are teeming with flavor from the unique blend of spices and herbs used in the creation of each.


Jun 16, 2010 4:38:50 AM

    Originating from the Middle East we give the original recipe a European and North African twist. We currently offer seventeen varieties, each with a distinguishing flavor.
    Our specialty is created with marinated raw artichoke hearts to create a bold and distinct signature classic.
    Roasted garlic, Kalamata olives, red bell pepper, tomato and basil, eggplant, and harissa, a North African salsa, are all put to use in our diverse menu. Our ingredients are organic, low calorie and sodium, and never with any preservatives.

Mediterranean food- our history

Jun 16, 2010 4:34:12 AM

    Tradition, diversity, and quality were the inspirations for two brothers following in the footsteps of their grandfather, an artisan baker and proprietor of a German bakery in Saint Louis. Coming from a diverse family of European and North African heritages, they decided to fuse the rich flavors of both regions into a unique experience.
    Tarek and Mourad Cherif, founders and owners of Mediterranean Food, descend from two worlds; born in Saint Louis and raised in Tunisia, the heart of the Mediterranean, these two combine both sides of the Atlantic in harmony with a wide array of products true to their homeland.
    Mourad, the younger of the two and an engineering graduate from the University of California San Diego, decided to combine his passion for Tunisian Cuisine with his brother’s experience in the restaurant industry. Working together they opened a kitchen that shares their love of cuisine with their community.
    Today we are found in over twenty Bay Area Farmers’ Markets, distributing our product in a green and personal way and forging relationships between ourselves and our customers. Our food is created from organic ingredients, never any preservatives; is low calorie, low sodium and always made fresh, delivered straight to market.






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