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Our farm and our history


    Our family has worked in the California Central Valley for many years. We have been farming organically for over 14 yrs. We are proud to offer a truly delicious and Organic Almonds that we hope will keep you very happy and satisfied. We grow with our hearts. The process that we take begins after a brisk winter chill, buds begin to form and grow until they burst forth in a legendary springtime scene.

    Once pollinated, the blossom petals rain delicately down and the leaves come out as peach-like fruit appears. Over the next several months, the fuzzy hull hardens and finally splits open, allowing the shell and kernel to dry. The nut begins to separate from its stem and the hull opens completely to expose the almond shell sometime between late August and Septemtber, depending on the variety.

    After the orchard floor is swept free of debris, mechanical shakers speed the natural process by shaking the nuts and hulls to the ground, where they are left to dry for several days. Once dry, the nuts and hulls are swept into rows, where they are picked up and transported to have their hulls and shells removed.

    We have our 2009 fresh crop, and will not be using last year's crop, so we can continue to give you a very fresh organic product.

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