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@homecookme: #Socialmedia for #local businesses and #farmersmarket



We are helping local businesses with B2B and B2C in over 150 farmers' markets in Northern California. For local businesses, you will see profile page, products, farmers' markets, google maps and twitter followers. Our marketing is measurable through the increase of followers on twitter and page views, at a monthly subscription.


We started working on @homecookme last year summer (2010). 30% of our customers are first time internet business users. We signed up local businesses by talking to them personally because none of these people can be found on the internet. Around 30%-50% of the local businesses check their emails on a regular basis. We collected every business information through surveys, i.e. where they sell their products and which farmers' markets they visit. Most of them told us that the local farmers' markets associations don't do enough for them. They wanted marketing. We build out @homecookme with live customer feedback and signed up almost 50% of the active selling businesses in Northern California. The rest of the businesses that didn't sign up get our regular newsletter emails. Please view our latest newsletter below:


Please contact us today if your business needs marketing. We have expertise in social media marketing for small businesses, local food and farmers' markets. We would love to work with you.

Thank you.
Bilal Ahmed

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