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Happy Holidays!



Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy new year :) Wow, what an year 2010 has been! Thank you for believing in us because without you, we would not have been able to help businesses all over the globe with @mytweetmark and farmers markets with @homecookme. Our goal has always been to personally connect with businesses and farmers. Social media is a very expensive dream for a lot of our customers and in 2010 we have helped them with business profiles, blogs, tweets and a virtual representation of farmers markets. We are not stopping here. We have HUGE plans for 2011 as we grow our community of businesses and consumers. We will continue to add more valuable features across various platforms and continue to pivot on market changes.

Here are latest news and updates:
  • #farmersmarket community is growing. @homecookme has become the heart and soul of #farmersmarket hashtag on twitter. Many businesses and customers are talking on @twitter. Twitter has increased 30-40% traffic in the past few months. We have managed to create a very successful yet small community within twitter where the #localfood movement is thriving. There has been 16% increase in farmers markets in United States in the past 1 year. We are going to continue to help farmers with very advanced twitter techniques in 2011 for marketing their products and location of selling. We want our business to gain repeat customers and opportunity for delivery services.
  • We love how paper.li website can take our local businesses hashtags/links and generate a newspaper. Please bookmark this paper.li link and check news daily about #localfood and #farmersmarket in a beautiful and elegant format.
  • #twitterfood community is growing. We are hosting a bi-monthly conference on phone and twitter. People from all over United States are calling in and we are talking about local food and organic movement. It's been a great learning for all of us as we share ideas and thoughts.
  • Please submit ideas you have for us in 2011.

Some of our awesome customers:
  • queensheebafarm - We will be interviewing Khaled, owner of Queen of Sheeba farms in Oakland downtown farmers market on Friday, Dec 24th 2010 around 10:00-11:00am. We will also be discussing how to apply for grants.gov username/password for USDA grants. Please come and say hi! We will also be answering any questions.
  • napavalleytea - Agnes is the owner of The Napa Valley Tea Company and has been a great support for us through our journey. You can find her in St. Helena farmers market and Calistoga farmers market. Please contact her for all your local napa organic tea needs.

We are really looking forward to working with you in 2011. Happy new year!

Response by Pepe Farm
Happy Holiday's Bilal,

I really believe in supporting our local farmers markets. I remember meeting you @ Healdsburg market when I was just shopping there. Our organic farm is seasonal, April to start thru November or Dec. (depending) There may be a chance to meet with you for a short visit. I could maybe help you out with a little job or errand or just a few ideas with growing the farmer's mkt. community. Also, you can look @ my facebook account and send a few great" messages out there" about shopping at the farmer's mkt. (Sat. S.R., or others coming up) WHEN YOU GET THE CHANCE!!!

Kelley Vazquez
Pepe' Farm

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