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Thanksgiving Newsletter - The Gift is on us!



Thanksgiving is right around the corner. What an year this has been! We are very thankful for having great customers that have trusted us. We have gotten so many thank you emails, tweets from all of you. We are hoping for an amazing next year while we continue to work with other food companies, USDA and help create a better health and organic culture.

Here is our latest news:
  • The farmers markets are growing across United States while Whole Foods are loosing sales. Farmers markets have 16% increase in the past year, totally over 6000. Read more here.
  • Recently we mentioned how to get a grant from USDA for starting a farmers market business. Please apply for access at grants.gov and to see the particular beginning farmer and rancher grant, click here.
  • 'Why Shop At a Farmers Market?' Ten reasons, buying locally, affordable organic fruits & veggies, supporting your local economy and farmers, eat seasonally, safer foods, fresher fruits and veggies, great variety, better taste, it's healthy and mostly importantly -- It's Fun! Please read more here.
  • If you are looking to update your website, please submit a request. Contact us about pricing.
  • If you are looking to offer special deals and promotions to over 130 million @twitter users, Contact us and we can auto tweet your products, prices and special discounts. There is no fee for discounts and coupons.
  • We are looking for customer reviews on oneforty. The reviews will allow other farmers market and businesses in United States to find out about us and join us. Add a review here.
  • The homepage of @mytweetmark now displays real-time tweets of businesses and customers. When you tweet with #farmersmarket, it will appear on our homepage and also any of the 130 million @twitter users that are interested in this tag.
  • A newspaper built from #farmersmarket tag on @twitter? A lot of our partners and customers are viewing this newspaper created from real-time tweets. More information here.
  • Customer profiles also displays real-time tweets for their business.
  • 'Top 5 reasons Why the Farmers Market is a Great First Date' Inexpensive, Built in conversation, non-toxic food, opportunity for romance and no pressure. Read more here.
  • What is your market influence? A company called klout now determines online influence. Our customers are increasing influence because of @twitter usage. Watch La Fleur De Lyon business profile here. @homecookme business profile can be found here.
  • Here are some important tags to watch on @twitter, #farmersmarket, #localfood, #realfood, #local, #buylocal, #farmersmarkets, #california, #socialmedia, #fb and #food. Please tweet frequently using these tags so other businesses and consumers can contact you.
  • Tuesday November 23rd, 2010 at 2pm PST we are having a #twitterfood conference. Please Contact us if you would like to join us. We will be introducing foodies from all over United States that want to help the organic and health movement.
  • We want to acknowledge the following local businesses for supporting us:

1. Alfieri Farms - San Francisco: Gary has been one of our earlier customers. Please find their almonds, walnut, pistachios and seasonal fruits in Heart of the city and Ferry building farmers markets, among others. More information here.
2. Amore 4 Paws - East Bay: Dogs and cats treats, organic. You can find Anita in Concord, Martinez, San Mateo, Vacaville and Walnut Creek farmers markets. More information here.
3. Toofu - South Bay: Not quite the same tofu, but Tyhoon and company has been able to invent toofu in their organic factory. More information here.
4. Vivo Vinegar - Healdsburg: The first time we met John in Healdsburg, California farmers market, he was so excited to join. In 30 minutes, 70% of the farmers market signed up with @homecookme. They are currently aging wine varietal vinegars. More information here.

Like always, we love to hear from you. Please login to @twitter frequently and access your account. Tweet Tweet! Thanks again!

Bilal Ahmed

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