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November Newsletter Vol. 1 - USDA grants



Please come visit and see the new artwork on http://www.homecook.me that gives tributes to our customers and the farmers markets. We couldn't have done anything without your blessings. We have worked very hard to keep everything free so far and now USDA has been very encouraging for us to apply for United States grants. I want to highlight the process of applying for small business startup grants which are viable for any business, especially local farmers markets business. Please email if you have any questions.

Steps for applying for a USDA small business grant:

  • Register your company. A DBA will work as well.
  • Get a Federal Tax ID. (I used legalzoom for both)
  • Register for grants.gov. (4 step process, takes a month)
  • Get a DUNS number.
  • Register CCR.
  • Get grants.gov Username & password.
  • Register as AOR so you can apply for grants.
  • Start submitting United States grants.

We have applied to a few grants already and in talks with very specialized farmers markets marketing grants. It's been very positive so far and officials are eager to help businesses. Please ping us if you need introductions.

Our Featured businesses this month:

  • Catalan Farms - So prestigious around the bay area. Everywhere we go, we see Catalan farms. You can view more information about them at http://www.homecook.me/catalanfarms
  • Yerena Farms - Their strawberries are so yummy! They are also everywhere, and I would like to highlight them for being a great customer. More information can be found http://www.homecook.me/Yerenafarms
  • Beckmann's Bakery - Thank you so much for trusting us from the beginning. Tony is known around for being a genius at farmers market marketing. When I was on stage at San Francisco sfnewtech technology conference on stage on September 15th 2010, I made sure to mention Beckmann's Bakery because they have been in this business for a long time and I learned a lot from their support. More info http://www.homecook.me/beckmannsbakery
  • Biscotti Bianchi - Victoria Bianchi has been a great support for us. Please find us in downtown Oakland, Stonestown San Francisco, Napa and other farmers markets. More info http://www.homecook.me/biscottibianchi

Please login to your twitter account regularly, communicate with your customers, re-tweet them so they know that you are acknowledging them. Make it fun. Communicate with other businesses. When we started, a local business or farmer diagonal from each other didn't know each others names. Now hopefully, we can create a synergy and work together in harmony to make it beneficial and rewarding for everyone. Times are tough, but we can work together and make things happen. Just believe. If you ever sell your successful local business, any marketing you do is an asset to it. Marketing adds the most value to a business. Marketing translates into more selling of the product. Your business brand awareness so people continue to buy your products. It builds trust in between businesses and repeat customers. We are making it happen for you. Enjoy, contribute and happy selling! Please tell your friends to join as well!

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