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October Newsletter I


We have made lots and lots of new changes on http://www.homecook.me and would love for you to come visit!

* Add product information - We recently added list pages of products our customers are selling. Whether honey, apples, strawberries, soap, etc. Please come list all the products you are selling. We will auto tweet the products, add special hash tag # it so over 100 million folks on twitter can see you business products!
* Write blogs - Please write lots of details about your business using our blogs. Any marketing you do for your business, adds value to it.
* Pictures, links and product information - Please email me details about your business so we add it to our websites. Any pictures or links and product information.
* Search - Product and user search is now available on the site, after you login. You can search for local products and locations.
* Subscriptions for Coupons - Your customers can subscribe to your business and receive notifications. We would love to offer online coupons to your users. Please email us for discounts we can offer to your customers.
* Talk to your customers - Please talk to your customers and business leads frequently on twitter. Say simple tweets or messages frequently. We auto tweet for you because we know you are busy selling in the market.

October is here and lots of seasonal markets are closing. However, internet never sleeps and we hope to give huge visibility to your business in the off season! Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to work with you :) Cheers.

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