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Cooking grass-fed beef


1. Your biggest culprit for tough grass-fed beef is overcooking. The beef is made for rare to medium cooking.

2. Since grass fed beef is extremely low in fat, coat with virgin olive oil. truffle oil or other favorite light oil.

3. We recommend marinating your beef before cooking, especially lean cuts like NY Strip and Sirloin Steak. Choose a recipe that doesn’t mask the delicate flavor of grass-fed beef.

4. If you don’t have time to marinate, just coat your thawed steak with your favorite rub, place on a solid surface, cover with plastic and pound your steak a few times to break down the connective tissue.

5. Stove top cooking is great for any type of steak...including grass-fed steak. You have more control over temperature.

6. Grass-fed beef has high protein and low fat levels, therefore the beef will usually require 30% less cooking time. Remove beef from your heat source 10 degrees before it reaches desired temperature.

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