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G. L. Alfieri Premium Nuts & Fruits

Gary Alfieri
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About me: Alfieri Farms sells Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, grapes, dried fruit, almond butter, brittle,nuts, and seasonal fruits at local farmers markets.


Walnut Brittle

Original Trail Mix

Raisins Golden

Pistachios Raw Shelled

Cherries (Dried) Bing (sulphured)

Apricots (Dried)

Almonds Applewood Smoked



Favorite item basket

Almond brittle



Other Nut Products

Jun 25, 2010 6:05:18 AM

    Pecan Brittle (no chocolate), Pecan Meats Raw, Pecans Unshelled Raw, Pine Nuts, Pistachios Chili Pistachio Meats, Pistachios Chili Lemon in shell, Pistachios Garlic Pistachio Meats, Pistachios Garlic in Shell, Pistachios Raw Shelled, Pistachios Roasted & Salted in shell, Pistachios Roasted (Unsalted), Walnut Brittle, Walnuts Honey Roasted, Walnuts Natural Raw, Walnuts in Shell, Walnuts Sesame Glazed

Gift Assortments

Jun 25, 2010 6:04:40 AM

    Sweet Almonds, Variety Almonds, Unsalted Variety Nuts, Cajun Chili Almonds, Unsalted Variety Nuts, Nut Lovers 3 Pack Gift Box.

    Apricots (dried), Apricot Butter, Cherries (Dried) Bing (sulphured) Rainer (sulphured and unsulphured), Figs (dried), Peaches (dried), Pluots (dried), Pluot Butter, Plums (Prunes, dried), Raisins Black Monukka, Raisins Flame, Raisins Golden, Mixed Raisins, Trail Mix Snack Packs, Original Trail Mix, Natural Raw trail mix (w/flaxseed meal), Trail mix with apricots and peaches, Trail Mix lightly salted

Our Almond Products

Jun 25, 2010 5:53:20 AM

    Almonds Applewood Smoked, Almonds (Blanched, Roasted, Salted), Almond Brittle, Almond Brittle with Cinnamon, Almond Butter, Almond Butter with Crunchy Honey, Almond Butter with Dark Chocolate, Almond Butter Crunchy, Almond Butter Honey, Almond Butter Salted, Almonds Butter Toffee, Almond Paste, Almonds Whole Cajun Flavor, Almonds Cappuccino, Almonds Cinnamon Honey, Almonds Dry Roasted and Salted in shell, Almonds garlic and onion, Almonds hicory, Almonds Honey Roasted, Almonds Honey Roasted Cinnamon, Almonds Lemon Chili, Almonds Lemon Honey, Almond Meal, Almond Meal Blanched, Almonds Natural Raw, Almonds Orange Honey, Almonds Raspberry Honey, Almonds Roasted Salted, Almonds Roasted (Unsalted), or (Unblanched), Almonds Slivered Blanched, Almonds Slivered Green Onion Flavor, Almonds Tamari

Our Farmers' market locations

Jun 25, 2010 5:37:28 AM

    Tuesdays 10AM-2PM Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market located at the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero at the foot of Market Street.
    Wednesdays 8 AM - 4PM Heart of the City Farmer's Market At Civic Center between the Main Library and Market Street at 7th St. Take Muni or BART to the Civic Center Station, or park in the Civic Center garage.
    Saturdays 8AM-2PM Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market At the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero at the foot of Market Street

Farm History/ Philosophy

Jun 25, 2010 5:33:02 AM

    Gary's grandfather Gasper began farming this land in 1926, growing alfalfa hay using horse-drawn plows. An almond orchard was planted in the late 1920s. Gary's father Joseph began working on the farm when he returned from serving in the army during WWII. Gary and his two brothers and sister were raised on the farm. Gary grew up farming alongside his father, and took over the farm when his father passed away. He has been running the farm on his own for 24 years. Gary, who has been single all his life, was active as a foster parent and adopted four children who he raised on the farm.





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